Optical lab owners and managers see Modulo One in action at Schneider’s headquarters in Fronhausen, Germany.

MARBURG, Germany—Optical laboratory owners and operators from around the globe gathered here last week at Digicon 2022, a conference sponsored by Schneider Optical Machines that served as a springboard to launch Modulo One, the company’s fully automated platform for fabricating and processing ophthalmic lenses. The Modulo One system is a first of its kind system that Schneider calls “The Power-Lab of the Next Decade.” The system operates without human touch. It consists of 11 new machines and processes that Schneider has released sequentially over the past 11 months. The rollout is the most extensive series of products the company has introduced in its 35-year history.

Over the course of the two-day event, June 23-24, the 120 Digicon attendees participated in technical presentations by Schneider’s management and engineering team, who detailed Modulo One’s features and benefits. They also toured the nearby Schneider headquarters in Fronhausen, where they experienced, firsthand, the Modulo One platform at work.

Among the innovations being introduced with Modulo One is a high-speed surface generator with an added performance of 50 percent, a fully automated cosmetic inspection unit and in-line hard coating and AR coating system. “It was fantastic to see a lens go all the way from the lens pick to surfacing, lens cleaning, AR coating and edging,” remarked Andy George of LBC Optics, a Wisconsin lab.  

Watch for VM's exclusive video interview with Gunter Schneider, founder and CEO of Schneider Optical Machines and Kurt Atchison, head of Schneider's North American division.

Among the Digicon attendees attending a technical briefing at Digicon was, (l to r) Georg Mayer and Johannes Knoferle of Rodenstock and Karl-Heinz Kult and Paul Ponder of Maui Jim.
Kurt Atchison of Schneider North America and Brian Ziegler of Warby Parker caught up with each other during a break.
(L to R) Specsavers sent a team from its UK-based manufacturing and distribution division, including Zoltan Peltendi, Attila Meresz, Matt Smith and Zbigniew Husak.

The house was packed for the opening session of Digicon.
Schneider founder and CEO Gunter Schneider welcoming attendees to Digicon.