It’s been widely reported that telehealth use has grown considerably over the past two years, a trend that is the direct result of the limits the pandemic has placed on in-person medical appointments. Primary care has emerged as the most common use case in the U.S., according to newly published data derived from an Insider Intelligence survey, “Telehealth Trends 2021,” which polled 1,609 U.S. adults ages 18-75 who were surveyed online during September 23-October 7, 2021. Some 54 percent of U.S. telehealth users had accessed this type of care virtually as of October, Insider Intelligence’s Sara Lebow reported in a recent online post. “About a quarter had refilled prescriptions (26 percent) and sought behavioral healthcare (24 percent). That said, patients are most likely to regard telehealth as one piece of a hybrid care plan, coupling virtual visits with in-person ones, as needed,” Lebow observed.