Market research firm Stella Rising recently posted on their blog some interesting statistics about how consumers’ food and drink behaviors are changing as a result of COVID. As Stella Rising’s Elizabeth McHugh observed, “COVID caused major shakeups at grocery shelves and now inflation, a new swath of hybrid workers, and changed habits are furthering disruption. An interest in ingredients and a love of snacking prove that certain quarantine habits are sticky, while a renewed desire for convenience and leftovers indicates home cooking burnout.”

McHugh cited a recent Mintel study that found that 32 percent of consumers cite natural ingredients as a top factor when food shopping, up from 29 percent in 2019-2021.

“Brands can help on all fronts, through new products, how-to education, and content.” Stella Rising advises brands prioritize understanding consumer sentiment, via research, at all times—the space, and its consumers, are evolving quickly, McHugh said.