Public school spending is on the rise according to the 2021 Annual Survey of School System Finances recently released by the U.S. Census Bureau. Average spending per student rose to $14,347, up 6.3 percent since 2008. This spending increase represents the 10th year in a row the nation saw an increase in per public spending. 

Revenue from elementary and secondary education was also up, reaching $810 billion in 2021, up 5 percent from the previous year. 

States that spent the most money per pupil in 2021 were New York City, averaging $26,571; the District of Columbia at $24,535; Vermont at $26,571; and Connecticut at $22,769.

States that spent the least per student were Idaho at $9,053; Utah at $9.095; Mississippi at $10,170; and Florida at $10,401.

The Northeast region of the U.S. saw the highest level of per student spending, while the South and West regions saw the lowest spending. 

Of the 100 largest school systems by enrollment, the districts with the highest spending per pupil in 2021 were Boston City Schools in Massachusetts at $31,397; New York City School District in New York at $29,931; Washington Schools in the District of Columbia at $24,535; and Los Angeles Unified in California at $18,179.