The 46 products below offer blue light management solutions for every situation, both indoors and outdoors. They run the gamut from blue light-filtering lenses and coatings to screen protectors, neutraceuticals and lens demonstration units.


Blocks 80 percent of harmful blue light. Adlens adjustable focus technology enables the wearer to set their required level of focusing power for screens at all distances. Compared with standard prescription eyewear or readers, this flexibility means the eyewear itself can adapt to the screen in use, rather than forcing the wearer to adapt their position by leaning forward or straining their neck. This ease of use makes Adlens Interface a particularly effective tool for combatting digital eye strain, as they can be used by anyone, for any screen, in any circumstance.

BLEP Eyewear

BLEP (Blue Light Eye Protection) is a patent-pending, multi-layered coating applied to the front and back of the company’s reading and non-prescription lenses that selectively filters out harmful light while still allowing beneficial blue light to reach the eyes. The clear coating offers blue light protection, natural color and clear aesthetic appearance. The 1.60 high-index lenses are lightweight and block UV



These tints absorb all of the harmful light of wavelengths shorter than 450nm, 500nm and 540nm, respectively, including UV light. The BPI Blue Light Filter Vision Tester (# 109519) is a blue/violet light source that demonstrates the effectiveness of a blue/violet light blocking lens. The intense blue light beams produced by the source are greatly attenuated by some lenses and the effect is readily observed when the lenses are placed between the source and your eye.



BPI has developed a simple meter that is designed to check the transmittance of lenses for the blue/violet wavelengths of 400nm and 500nm, which have been implicated in macular degeneration. The meter provides a figure of merit to use in comparing and producing lenses that protect patients from radiations in this wavelength range. The BPI Blue Barrier Meter uses LED light sources centered at 400nm, 430nm, 470nm, 505nm and 525nm to evaluate lens transmission in these regions. The transmission percentage at each range is displayed along with the Wertheim Factor (patent pending), a figure of merit based on a comparison of the lens’ photopic transmission with its blocking ability for high-energy (blue/violet) wavelengths. The meter also has caution indicating LEDs which indicate if the lens transmission is higher than that which would be provided by a linear drop in transmission with wavelength from its tV value down to zero in the UVA. Air (no lens) lights all caution LEDs and has a Wertheim factor of “0”. A lens with high luminous transmission but minimal high energy blue/violet transmission such as BPI Total Day has a Wertheim factor of “43”.

Blueberry Glasses

Blueberry Glasses are scratch resistant, easy to clean, anti-glare, anti-reflective, dustproof, UV protected, with lightweight frames suitable for all ages. These glasses come in 11 different color shades and four stylish and classy shapes that help filter blue light and protect your eyesight.

Blueberry Glasses are available both without prescription (retailing for $59) and in readers ($65). ECPs can buy the glasses in bulk at a deeply discounted rate on the company’s website by clicking the ECP tab. When bought in bulk, the discounted rate is about $29 a pair.


BlueBuster blue light filtering lenses improve visual acuity and comfort when working in front of a computer screen or other digital devices, according to eyeOs. The lenses reduce digital eyestrain by reducing the amount of short wavelength blue light reaching the retina. Based on comparative analysis of indoor competitive blue filter transmission curves, BlueBuster lenses provide the highest level of blue light filtration in a clear lens, even when compared to blue filters with “champagne” tints. BlueBuster is not part of the AR coating, the blue filter properties are incorporated in the lens monomer.

BlueBuster lenses filter 100 percent up to 410 nm, 86 percent at 420nm and 40 percent at 430 nm.

BlueBuster lenses are the new standard at no additional charge in eyeOs’ OfficePal and PcPal progressive readers, since these lens designs are typically used to work on a computer or digital device. BlueBuster is also available as an option in all eyeOs readers with powers ranging from plano to +4.00 diopters in 0.25 diopter increments for an additional MSRP $15.

PSI (Practical Systems Inc.)

PSI’s Blue Light Blocker lens treatment reduces overexposure to blue light from digital devices such as smart phones, tablets and computer screens. Applied like a tint, it will block blue light to 525nm as well as filter out harmful ultraviolet rays. Blue Light Blocker reduces glare and is ideal in rain, snow and ice. Because it improves vision with increased contrast in fog and mist and Blue Light Blocker is recommended for outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing.

Michael Lange, OD

Blue Light Defense lenses feature in-monomer blue light filtering and are virtually clear. The lenses block the majority of a blue laser from passing through it, according to Michael Lange, OD, who markets them through his Florida-based vision care practice. They block over 99 percent of the waves between 400 and 420nm and then block a significant portion up to 450nm, Dr. Lange said.


Spy takes its Happy Lens technology in blue light management to new territory with the introduction of the Spy Blue Light Protection Ion-Glass screen. The Spy screen is designed to drastically cut the potentially harmful short-wave blue light emitted by some mobile devices. Spy’s Blue Light Protection Ion-Glass screen protector filters out the harmful UV and short-wave blue light without changing the look of the device’s screen. Other key features include high definition clarity through crystal clear optical grade glass, scratch and impact resistant ion technology construction, giving it a hardness comparable to sapphire, and an oleophobic, smudge resistant coating. The Spy Blue Light Protection Ion-Glass screen is currently available for the iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 6/6s Plus and Galaxy S6.


Blue Logic lenses from eClips are designed to address the visual comfort and sleep issues that result from viewing electronic device screens. Blue Logic consists of two unique lenses, GlareGuard and SleepProtect. The lenses may be used in clip-ons, either generic or custom (eClips), to provide the proper filter for the time of day. Both lenses may be ordered with plus power (+.25-+3.00) to provide relief from the stress of accommodation at the working distance.


Prescription Blutech lenses are available in all eClips custom clip designs for both indoor and outdoor use. eClips offers a demo kit consisting of a flip up clip with BluTech either plano or +.25 for Millennials and pre-presbyopes to demonstrate the benefits of having a little plus boost when sitting in front of the computer; a +1.00 or 1.25 demo flip up for the presbyopes to demonstrate the benefit of having the task specific Rx in the upper part of the lens, to avoid shoulder and neck strain. This is especially important if the add is > 1.75; a plano outdoor BluTech to demonstrate how having a BluTech outdoor lens offers protection from polarized light, but still lets the wearer use electronic devices.

ClearVision Optical

ClearVision Optical provides a complete frame and lens solution for adults and children with BluTech frames and lenses. BluTech lenses filter blue light via a patented combination of ocular lens pigment and melanin. This mirrors the natural protection found in the eye, providing a complete defense against glare, eyestrain, AMD and sleep-cycle disruption.

Eye Solutions Technologies

BluTech indoor lenses provide protection from sources of harmful high-energy blue light, such as harsh fluorescent lighting, computer screens, and personal electronics, while also providing soothing vision. The lenses fit any style frame. BluTech outdoor lenses offer “high-definition” vision: improved visual acuity, better color perception, reduced glare, and a unique lens technology gives outdoor protection and durability.

BluTech Ultra lenses, which are available in polycarbonate, offer blue light protection in a lighter color that is constant in density regardless of prescription. BluTech Ultra will be available in plano and prescription lenses.

Signet Armorlite

Blocks 100 percent of direct UV. Filters damaging blue light without distorting color vision. 1.56 index material is recommended for drill mount frames. Filters out damaging blue light for comfortable vision even with frequent use of blue light-emitting devices. Kodak lenses provide ECPs with a recognizable consumer brand known. Offered in Kodak progressive lenses as well as single vision, flat-top 28 and Kodak MonitorView Lens (computer lens) to accommodate all stages of viewing needs.


These magnetic clip-ons filter out a portion of the high-energy violet and blue light emitted by computers, smartphones, tablets and fluorescent lighting. Chemistrie Blue layers are finished with a special coating that reflects a portion of the harmful blue light from digital devices.


Digital Eye Lab, a division of ABB Optical Group

bluDefense, a new anti-reflective coating under Digital Eye Lab’s Claris brand. protects the eyes by reflecting harmful blue light and allowing only beneficial light to pass through the lens. Features and benefits include allowing beneficial blue light to pass through the lens; reflecting harmful blue light and UV light away from the eye; protecting the eyes from harmful HEV light by reducing backside reflection; reducing scatter and glare for better vision and clarity; improving comfort and reducing digital eye strain, eye fatigue and headaches; and maintaining lens transparency. Like other Claris products, bluDefense offer a high level of cleanability, scratch protection and durability. Manufactured in DELs onsite coating lab, all Claris AR lenses are super-hydrophobic, oleophobic and dust repellent.


Vision Ease

Clear Blue Filter provides high-energy light protection in a clear, everyday polycarbonate lens. Developed with protection built into the lens and not the coating, Clear Blue Filter lenses block 100 percent UVB, UVA and filter blue light to help protect eyes from harmful high-energy light. At 420 nm, they filter over three times more blue light than standard polycarbonate lenses, the company said. According to Vision Ease, Clear Blue Filter lenses are “uncompromising clear” without unwanted color. The company’s proprietary research found that 96 percent of consumers rate lens clarity as highly important in their lens choice.

Vision Ease

Coppertone polarized lenses block out harmful UV light and filter out some of the blue light spectrum, allowing colors to remain clear and true so stoplights and other important visual information won’t be hard to see. Coppertone polarized lenses in green filter blue light while providing enhanced color contrast that is ideal for outdoor activities such as tennis, driving and golf, as well for everyday activities. The lenses block 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays, plus filter blue light, to protect eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Coppertone polarized lenses from Vision Ease carry the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation. They are available in 75 mm and 80 mm SFSV; D28 bifocal and decentered Novel progressive styles, as well as in gray and brown plano.


Crizal Prevencia lenses, developed by Essilor, incorporate a proprietary blue light filtering lens technology called Light Scan which deflects harmful blue violet light by 20 percent allowing blue turquoise light to pass. The lenses also provide UV protection to help combat the development of cataracts and provide protection against glare, dust, water, scratches and smudges.


Eyesafe from Healthe is a new generation of High Energy Visible blue light screen covers for digital devices. The company has developed a proprietary, emission-reducing film comprised of polymers and light absorptive dyes which filter blue light transmission between the 380nm to 500nm with a particular emphasis on 420 to 460nm, the most harmful range. Embedded within the Eyesafe products are custom combinations of light absorptive dyes including UV/IR and visible dyes allowing for specific wavelength transmissions. A durable, thin and pliable polymer protects digital screens from scratches and may be applied on and off effortlessly. The film and lens technology can be applied directly to the screens of digital devices or embedded directly within glass layers. Other applications for the technology include lenses, computer monitors, and contact lenses.

Eyesafe is branded for three versions, RPF15, RPF30 and RPF60. RPF stands for Retinal Protection Factor and the options cover 15 percent, 30 percent and 60 percent filtering of blue light. For the optical community the RPF60 provides the maximum protection filtering out 60 percent of blue light within the 420 to 460nm spectrum.

(844) 439-3723


Eyezen glasses are a complete package, offering more comfortable vision for both single vision and emmetropic, non-prescription patients who frequently use digital devices. The lower portion of the lens contains a small amount of accommodative relief for digital eye strain, which is determined by the patient’s age. These enhanced single vision lenses feature a special anti-reflective coating to selectively filter out up to 20 percent of harmful blue-violet light. The coating lets beneficial blue-turquoise light pass through while deflecting a significant amount of the dangerous blue-violet light.

Felix Gray

Felix Gray eyewear mitigates the short and long term negative effects of staring at computer screens all day. Their specialized lenses filter blue light (400-440 nm) and eliminate glare, plus optional magnification (+0.25D) This means less eyestrain, fewer headaches, and better sleep. A premium AR coating reduces eye strain. The frames are premium Italian acetate are designed to fit comfortably on many face shapes.

Fortify Vitamins

Fortifeye Focus and Focus Chewie are evidence based supplements developed for the valuable ocular health benefits of Lutein, zeaxanthin and astaxanthin. Lutein and zeaxanthin are used for the valuable short blue light absorbing properties. Studies indicate these 2 carotenoids may help to minimize the potential blue light damage to the retina. Astaxanthin is one of the most potent antioxidant and anti- inflammatory nutrients that crosses the blood retinal barrier. Astaxanthin also helps to decrease accomadative eye strain from prolonged near work. The combination of lutein, zeaxanthin and astaxanthin is beneficial for people any age to help decrease the potential harmful side effects from the computer, tablet, smart phone and other digital apps used daily, according to Fortifeye Vitamins.

Gunnar Optiks

Gunnar Optiks computer eyewear defends eyes from dryness, headaches, blue light, altered Circadian rhythms, insomnia and the effects of digital eye strain.

Spy Optic

Happy Lens lets in more long-wave blue light—the good rays which foster positive mood and alertness—while blocking out harmful rays. The lens offers superior color and contrast enhancement, allowing wearers to easily distinguish changes in terrain. It also relaxes the eyes and reduces fatigue.

Hoya Vision Care

Hoya’s Recharge EX3 anti-reflective treatment reduces the amount of blue light reaching the eyes by reflecting the “bad” blue light emitted from back-lit handheld and other electronic devices and ensuring the portion of blue light needed for optimal contrast and other health benefits is allowed to pass through. Hoya BluTech lenses filter high-energy blue and block ultra violet light using a proprietary process involving the infusion of ocular lens pigment into the monomer of an optical lens. This infusion of pigment provides similar protection, contrast enhancement, glare reduction and color perception to the eye as the natural coloration of the human crystalline lens.

PFO Global

Anti-reflective coating providing protection from harmful UV and blue light, improved contrast and reduced fatigue. Recommended for anyone wanting to prevent digital eye strain and ease the effects of Computer Vision Syndrome.

FEA Industries

Independence Tech is the newest offering in the FEA Independence AR line. In addition to offering all the benefits found in the lab’s Independence AR coatings—it is hydrophobic, oleophobic and highly resistant to scratching— Independence Tech provides protection from the harmful effects of the blue light which is emitted by computer screens, smartphones, tablets and other modern technologies.


A blue light filtering AR coating. Indigo AR features selective blue light blocking technology that helps minimize high-energy blue-violet light thereby reducing digital eye strain and visual discomfort caused by harmful blue light. Indigo also provides protection against scratches, dust, moisture, smudges and back-surface UV reflections.

Laramy-K Optical

Addresses blue light from the front with reflection and has an AR coating on the back that absorbs UV and HEV light. Reflects the harmful blue light from 390 to 500 from 20 to 30 percent, depending on angles and front curve. DES has a very slight blue reflective residual. Laramy-K can process DES on any material and on any lens style although in conjunction with the backside coating, but standard plastic is not recommended.

Jins Eyewear

Jins Screen lenses reduce the transmission of light in the 460nm range by 25 percent via two pathways: coating and substrate. Certain wavelengths of blue light are reflected by the patented coating on the lenses, while others are absorbed by the substrate, which is made of a compound that absorbs certain wavelengths of blue light. As a result, Jins Screen also reduces eye fatigue.

Signet Armorlite

Launched in March, 2016, Kodak Total Blue Lenses with Color Guard Lens Technology are a hybrid solution to harmful high-energy light. The anti-reflective/lens combination protects against direct UV rays and HEV blue light from natural and artificial sources, while allowing essential low-energy blue light to reach the eye for good color vision and to regulate the sleep cycle. Available in Kodak Unique, Kodak Unique HD and Kodak Precise PB Progressive Lens designs as well as Kodak SoftWear and Kodak Digital Single Vision Lenses. Clear and polarized options.

Eschenbach Optik of America

Polinelli’s premium reading glasses with BluePro Technology feature a patented lens coating that blocks approximately 30 percent of potentially harmful blue light to help provide a better viewing experience and reduces symptoms of Digital Eye Strain. These high-end readers incorporate blue light protection with modern, stylish design. They also block harmful UVA/UVB rays which helps eliminate glare for enhanced visual clarity. With three layers of AR coating, the Polinelli readers offer increased contrast and heightened visual sharpness especially when viewing digital devices.

The thin polycarbonate lens makes them extremely lightweight and all six style frames feature spring-hindge temples and are finished with a rubberized texture that provides a soft touch feel. Each reader is available in a range of powers, from +1.00D up to +2.50D in 0.50 increments, with two featured reader styles in powers up to +4.00D for patients with higher magnification needs. Each pair of Polinelli readers comes with a color coordinated silicone neck cord and soft protective case.


Reticare Glasses and Reticare Tempered Glass are designed to help improve visual comfort while enjoying technology. Reticare Glasses filter and absorb high energy light from smartphones, tablets, laptops, computer screens, etc. Reticare tempered glass is a clear filter that is installed on electronic devices to helps reduce computer vision syndromes. Reticare filters are composed of four layers. The first layer consists of a high uniform adhesive silicone layer. The second absorbs part of the potential toxic light and reduces visual fatigue. The third layer protects devices from scratch marks, and the fourth layer allows electronic devices to function with tactile movements. The addition of Reticare Glasses and Reticare tempered glass to the Reticare product catalog makes it one of the largest and most comprehensive catalogs of products for protection from high energy light, backed by more than 14 years of scientific research.

Quantum Innovations

Retinal Bliss DES is Quantum Innovation's solution to tackling the digital eye strain problem that is growing at an alarming rate. The product provides the wearer with a defense against Digital Eye Strain not only on the front surface of lenses but also on back surfaces. Quantum Innovations uses two different coatings to combat digital eye strain. Retinal Bliss DES is an anti-reflective coating made to selectively attenuate (by reflecting) harmful HEV light on the front of a lens and on the back they recommend using their Retinal Bliss HEV UVAR coating. According to Quantum Innovations, both of these coatings should be done on a lens that absorbs UV (polycarbonate, high index, Trivex).


Nikon’s SeeCoat Blue treatment cuts down on harmful blue light while optimizing transparency and enhancing contrast on digital screens. According to their website, it is also more durable and two times more scratch resistant than conventional lenses and is dust and smudge resistant.


Essilor’s Smart Blue Filter is a feature embedded into the lens that is clear in appearance and works on the principal of absorption, not reflection. Lenses with the Smart Blue Filter feature will help reduce patients’ exposure to harmful blue light while transmitting the beneficial blue-turquoise light that is known to regulate the sleep cycle. Knowing it can take a long time to introduce new products, Essilor has integrated the Smart Blue Filter feature into the blanks used in the production of select Varilux Digital (PAL) and Eyezen+ (enhanced SV) products at no additional cost to the ECP or patient. Additionally, Transitions brand adaptive lenses also feature the built-in Smart Blue Filter. Essilor recommends combining Smart Blue Filter with Crizal for the most comprehensive eye protection; adding Crizal Prevencia will deliver “the ultimate protection against harmful light,” according to Essilor.

VSP Optics Group

Sunsync light-reactive lenses quickly darken in sunlight, and return to clear indoors and at night. The combine the benefits of indoor and outdoor lenses into one stylish package that provides ultra-dark outdoor comfort, exceptional indoor clarity, 100 percent UV protection, targeted blue light filtration and attractive gray and brown color options. Sunsync light-reactive lenses are backed by a one-year, 100 percent satisfaction guarantee for VSP members.

VSP Optics Group

TechShield Blue provides advanced blue light defense in a premium AR coating. It absorbs and reflects blue light, reduces glare, minimizes front and back side reflectance, blocks UV, repels oil and water and resists scratches, smudges, and fogging.

TechShield Blue targets blue light wavelengths associated with digital eye strain (400 to 430nm), reducing exposure by as much as 85 percent at its peak. The coating has an attractive, near-clear appearance when not in the presence of blue light, and eliminates harsh reflections from the lens surface. It can be applied to any prescription or non-prescription lens, regardless of design or material choice.

Luzerne Optical

TheraBlue is an almost clear lens. It is not a coating like some other products and does not have a purple or blue reflective color. It does not have a yellow, orange or peach color like some other products in the market. The UV and HEV Blue Light protection comes from the lens material itself. Unlike some of the coating products which reflect the Blue Light, TheraBlue absorbs and filters the damaging HEV (Blue Violet) light and at the same time it allows for the good Blue Light (Blue Turquoise).

Transitions Optical

Transitions lenses have always blocked blue light indoors because the photochromic molecules in the un-activated indoor state still absorb some light without compromising indoor vision clarity. Because Transitions has control over the structure of the photochromic molecules it can provide the benefit of blue light blocking while the lenses are still seen as clear. Transitions lenses blocking at least 20 percent of the harmful blue light indoors—up to two times more than standard clear lenses—and block over 85 percent outdoors. Transitions XTRActive lenses block at least 34 percent of the harmful blue light indoors and 88 to 95 percent of harmful blue light outdoors. Transitions Vantage lenses are also effective, blocking at least 34 percent of the harmful blue light indoors and over 85 percent outdoors. Transitions posted a video on its Facebook page, that shows how its lenses filter blue light effectively.

VSP Optics Group

Unity with BluTech offers comprehensive protection protecting eyes from damage across the blue light spectrum. This distinction allows the lenses to not only filter harmful, high-energy blue light but also the higher wavelengths of blue light known to affect the sleep-wake cycle. Additional benefits include: improved visual acuity and night vision; better depth and color perception; improved contrast and reduced glare. Unity with BluTech Lenses can protect all patients from the dangers of blue light and are particularly recommended for those who are more susceptible to its danger, namely children, office workers, post-cataract patients and patients with risk factors for AMD.

Conant Lens

In-monomer technology offers full UV 400 protection as well as a reduction in short wavelength light transmission, specifically 400 to 420 nm. UV++ lenses are virtually clear and come with an in-office demonstrator.


EGMA’s UV+420cut lens material has superior filtering and color properties as a result of having the blue blocking integrated in the lens material. Clearx-Shield is an additional layer to our AR coating process that is available on all designs as well and additionally availably on multifocals, polarized and photchromic lenses. It is available in all of EGMA’s single vision, office and progressive designs through the complete range of X100, X300 and X500 Lens Series, and will be available in PolyVex 1.56 (impact resistant mid-index lens) as well as in 1.61-index, 1.67-index and 1.74-index plastic. The lenses can be ordered with any of EGMA’s coatings: ClearAR premium AR coating, metalix mirror coating with CLEARX premium AR on the back (available in gold, silver and blue).


Mitsui Chemicals

Combined with MR Series it provides a wider range of protection from harmful UV rays. In addition, UV+420 cut reduces High Energy Visible (HEV) light of 400 to 420nm, critical for protecting eyes against cataracts and Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD). Recommended for use with SDC Technologies’ high performance coatings

PFO Global

Designed to block UVA/UVB up to 100 percent and HEV up to 95 percent with premium AR coating. Made of a radiation-blocking component that is incorporated into the lens material and is not a coating. Vitaris is clear without any color absorption.

Wiley X

WX Blue is an AR coating that selectively filters out high energy harmful blue light while letting beneficial turquoise blue light pass through. It increases acuity and clarity, reduces digital eye fatigue and symptoms associated with Computer Vision Syndrome and provides protection against back-surface UV reflections, according to Wiley X. The coating is super-oleophobic, anti-static, scratch resistant and repels dust, smudges and water.

Carl Zeiss Vision

Zeiss DuraVision BlueProtect UV reflects parts of the blue-violet light emitted from LEDs as well as TV, computer or tablet screens, preventing it from entering the eye. The coating reduces the transmission in the spectrum of 380–455 nm (blue light hazard) while keeping the high transmission level above 460 nm.

Zeiss offers a comprehensive blue-violet light blocking portfolio that meets different consumer requirements for indoor and outdoor activities, filtering different amounts of blue-violet light depending on the activity.