NEW YORK—Hoya Vision Care recently launched a comprehensive program that provides independent eyecare practices with training, tools and technology to educate patients about the potential hazard of blue light. The turnkey program, “Building a Blue Light Practice,” is part of Hoya’s new “ECP Ally” campaign that is designed to provide “actionable marketing strategies” to independent ECPs, according to Hoya.

The new initiative allows a practice to tailor its approach to blue light management based on its individual practice dynamics. ECPs that participate in the program will obtain information about a patient’s blue light exposure from the patient’s intake form.

Office staff educate patients about blue light using demonstration tools such as Hoya’s HVC Viewer App and Blue Light Device and its BluTech Lenses display and blue light laser pen. A retinal scan that reads the RPE layer of the macula is then taken for each patient using iOptics EasyScan, which is made available through a partnership between Hoya and iOptics.

“Commoditization is the greatest threat to the independent practice. As the ally of the independent practice, we believe patient education is the most effective way to battle this threat and the subject of blue light is a tremendous opportunity to connect with patients through education,” said Gregg Fowler, Hoya’s VP of sales and marketing.

“These days, many companies take their initiatives directly to the consumer, which may sell more product. But this is not about selling product. It is about educating patients. Educating patients builds trust and loyalty and will result in increased product sales. However, the focus must be on education and providing quality eyecare and the best possible visual solution for each and every patient.”

Practices can contact their local Hoya territory sales manager or visit for additional information.