EYESPOT Chestnut Hill Makes Independence the Height of Luxury


EYESPOT managing optician Melanie Cabral, LDO, helps a customer find the perfect frames.
Photo Courtesy of EYESPOT.

CHESTNUT HILL, Mass.—For independent optical boutique EYESPOT, it’s all about luxury. Founded in 2010 by ophthalmologist Jorge Arroyo, EYESPOT calls Chestnut Hill—one of Massachusetts’ most expensive zip codes—its home, and the practice operates on the goal of providing its community with “the highest level of medical and aesthetic attention,” said Melaine Cabral, LDO, managing optician. “Luxury eyewear is essential to the EYESPOT brand,” Cabral told Vision Monday. In store, EYESPOT offers “the most fashion-forward eyewear from around the world,” which includes frames from companies such as Krewe, Oliver Goldsmith, Lafont, Lindberg and more. These top of the line frames come hand in hand with what the practice calls “concierge-level service.”

Luxury is the backbone of EYESPOT Chestnut Hill, but it’s independence that allows luxury to take center stage at the practice. Cabral explained, “being independent means that we are able to provide products and services tailored to our patients’ individual needs. As such, we have very loyal customers who know that we do our best to avoid the corporate and commercial biases involved in retail.”

For EYESPOT, those tailored services include standard exams for glasses and contact lenses, bespoke frame adjustments, frame consultations, lens customization, a club membership and a longstanding Give A Pair Get A Pair program in partnership with the Birat Eye Hospital in Nepal.

The interior of EYESPOT Chestnut Hill. Photos courtesy of EYESPOT.

“EYESPOT’s founding ophthalmologist, in collaboration with his resident from Nepal, initiated a program to fund eye exams at the Birat Eye Hospital,” Cabral said. Then, the two traveled to Nepal and set up a Give A Pair Get A Pair program for children in need. “Both at home and abroad, the mission of EYESPOT is to make eyecare and eyewear accessible to all those who need them.”

The exterior of
EYESPOT Chestnut Hill.
Photo Courtesy of EYESPOT.
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Photo Courtesy of EYESPOT.

Some of the frames on display at
EYESPOT Chestnut Hill.
Photo Courtesy of EYESPOT.

EYESPOT managing optician
Melanie Cabral, LDO
(standing), and Glenda
Savitz, OD (seated), after
being honored in Boston
Magazine’s “The Faces in
Woman Led
Businesses” feature.
Photo Courtesy of EYESPOT.

Closer to home, the team at EYESPOT strives to connect with their local community in and around Boston. The practice partners with The Street, an open-air shopping center in Chestnut Hill, to get involved with children’s events such as the annual Bfit Halloween Candy Drive for Boston Children’s Hospital, and they consistently donate used glasses to New Eyes for the Needy in New Jersey. In the past, the practice has also donated to anti-domestic violence initiatives as well.

In addition, the team at EYESPOT Chestnut Hill makes it a point to keep their social media presences active and engaging. “Aside from customer care, we also feel that social media provides the perfect platform for spreading awareness about our brand and philanthropic endeavors,” Cabral. On Instagram, Twitter and Facebook they share celebrity eyewear looks, reminders to donate used glasses for those in need, and other in-store offers and events. Like an extension of their shop, EYESPOT’s social media is a place to connect, to share and to enjoy beautiful frames.

Inside and outside the practice, independence and luxury are all about connections for EYESPOT—connections with their customers, their local community and their global community shape this independent practice into what it is today.