Art-Craft has been a pioneer in prescription safety eyewear for more than 25 years. The USA Workforce Collection and recently added Hudson Safety Line feature plastic and metal frames for men and women with tasteful styling and fashionable colors, something that has continuously driven business growth.

(Top to Bottom) New Conductive caters to patients looking for a modern, comfortable, XL frame that has excellent side peripheral vision. Female Fashion Colors Non-Conductive. Popular Hudson Non-Conductive.
Art-Craft vice president Charlie Eagle, told VM, the company has recently seen double-digit growth with the addition of more modern styling in Rx Safety with the USA Workforce Collection and filling white spaces in the market with the Hudson Safety Line which was acquired by Art-Craft in 2021.

Art-Craft began manufacturing protective eyewear during World War I, in Rochester, N.Y., when founder Charles Eagle began selling combat eyewear to U.K. and Canadian Troops. He then began selling to American soldiers for trench warfare and pilots flying over war zones. Art-Craft is the oldest U.S. eyewear manufacturer and has been in continuous production and family owned since its founding. He said the Art-Craft Rx team can review and conduct an analysis for ECP, wholesale and brick-and-mortar chains to help them find the right Rx solutions for their customers.

“We have been working with several brick-and-mortar chains to help them understand the Rx Safety business by running market analysis for them, reviewing their selections, identifying gaps and redundancies, and working to maximize their opportunity in the Rx Safety space,” said Charlie Eagle.

Art-Craft is committed to supporting American Made eyewear to ensure no components or manufacturing functions are displaced by outsourcing.