The U.S. safety glasses industry was valued at just over $903 million in 2022, making it a vital part of any eyecare provider’s bottom line. Wiley X safety eyewear has seen strong year-over-year growth and demand with both key partners and eyecare providers.

 (Top to Bottom) The WX Chase combines the best of both worlds: a lightweight and stylish design, with maximum protection. It comes equipped with permanent and removable side shields to meet ANSI Z87.1+ safety standards. The sleek, rectangular build of its lightweight frame offers a comfortable yet flattering fit, combined with removable and permanent side shields for an ANSI Z87.1+ safety rating when you need it. The WX Gravity is a strong and reliable pair of glasses designed for performance in the harshest work environments. It meets ANSI Z87.1 + safety standards and includes a removable gasket to block out dust and debris.
The company’s WXRx Digiforce line presents the wide range of styles and technology options available. It offers the highest Rx range in the sport wrap safety industry.

“All of our digital Rxs are accommodated and compensated to POW. Our use of shaped lenticular designs (DET) or digital edge thinning allows us to wrap style 8 base ranges from +5.00, -7.00 and YF and WS styles from +6.00, -10.00,” said Ray T. Hill IV, vice president of sales at Wiley X. “We offer a wide array of polarized and photochromic options featuring our proprietary Captivate color-enhancing polarized lens.

Hill told VM, the company has developed safety eyewear that functions both indoors and outdoors with premium-quality ANSI Z87.1+ high-impact safety standards. He said Wiley X eyewear is safety and lifestyle blended, creating multiple uses for all indoor and outdoor activities.

“ECPs can benefit in a myriad of ways with a dedicated safety program, including occupational health programs, community outreach, first responders and law enforcement,” he said. “Safety programs can be the gateway to an entirely new market that is both lucrative and reliable. A good safety program can make you the ‘go-to’ doctor in town and may lead to further partnerships and sponsorships,” Hill said.