SAN FRANCISCO—The philosophy at Pacific Rims Optometry in San Francisco is straightforward and easy for patients to comprehend. The practice—with two locations in the city—notes that its optometrists will take the time to explain the results of an eye exam, describe the options and listen to each patient’s eyecare needs.

Selena Chan, OD, is the managing doctor of the two clinics in San Francisco. She has been in practice for roughly 20 years following her graduation from the Southern California College of Optometry in Fullerton, Calif.

Working in the area of myopia treatment came naturally to her, almost out of necessity. “I first became interested in treating and preventing myopia progression because of my kids,” she said. “Both my husband and I have high myopia. My husband’s prescription was over -12.00 diopter and he had cataract surgery at an early age. My prescription was over -5.50 diopters.”

She also noted that her brother had high myopia of over -8.50 diopter and suffered from a retinal detachment. “When my daughter first became myopic eight years ago, I didn’t want her to have similar eye issues as my husband and brother. I decided that I had to find ways to slow her myopia increase.”

It was around this time, also, that Chan met Gary Gerber, a co-founder of Treehouse Eyes, at Vision Expo West, where he spoke about practice management and the Treehouse Eyes approach to myopia management.

“From those talks, I gained a lot of respect for Gary and have always wanted to have his team help my practices grow.”

She said the myopia management segment of her practice became much more active in the 2018-19 period, right before she became one of the Treehouse Eyes’ first expansion efforts. She had been treating myopic children for about seven years previously.

“Joining Treehouse Eyes has giving me the confidence to present all the treatment options to the patients and their parents,” she explained. “I was also able to use the Treehouse tools to present the case for myopia management in a systematic way.”

As a Treehouse Eyes practice, Chan has begun remodeling an exam room (expected to finish this month) in a way to provide consistency with the Treehouse Eyes experience all patients receive regardless of which Treehouse Eyes site they visit.