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Product: Anti-Fog Display Kit
Top Line: ClearVision Optical has released a new Anti-Fog Display Kit designed help eyecare professionals add value to their customers.
Close Up: The Anti-Fog Display Kit was designed to hold 72 individual packages in the smallest footprint possible, ideal for retail checkout areas in dispensaries. The Display Kit includes 96 individually packaged cloths with a free display for a discounted price of $191.52. Purchasing the display kit not only provides eyecare professionals with a top of counter display to easily sell cloths at retail, but the cost drops each cloth to $1.99 wholesale allowing for an increased margin for profitability.
Anti-Fog Cloth Benefits:
• Cloths prevent lenses from fogging up for
• 24 to 72 hours, by simply wiping lenses
• Developed using exclusive anti-fog molecules in the cloth material
• Reusable up to 400 to 600 times
• Works on all lenses and AR coatings
• Multi-use: Also works on camera lens, sport goggles, safety goggles, binoculars and more.
• Eco-safe
Vital Stats:
• Holds 72 anti-fog lens cloth packages
• Lightweight, easy to set up
• Area for in-store retail pricing
• Small footprint: 6.95” wide x 5” deep x 7.25” high
• Allows for easy upsell to patients
In addition to the Anti-Fog display kit, a restocking bundle will be available for $95.76, which includes 48 individually packaged cloths for restocking the display at the same discounted price for continued profit. Due the discounted pricing the Anti-Fog display kit and restocking bundles are excluded from all other discounts, sales and promotions.
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