Coronavirus BRIEFING

COVID-19 Practice Performance Tracker for April 14, 2020


Optical practices across the United States have shut down to slow the spread of COVID-19, and their latest sales statistics show a continued steep decline in overall business. Nearly all (89.9 percent) of the 1,306 eyecare professional respondents in the fifth wave of Jobson Optical Research’s Coronavirus ECP survey conducted April 7-9 are in locations currently operating under stay-at-home orders. This has resulted in a substantial number of closed optical practices throughout the country followed by an equally precipitous decline in business across the board that began the week of March 9-15 and continues, as reflected by the latest aggregated statistics available for the week of April 6-12. While most product/service categories have fallen a substantial 80 index points, one product category that has also fallen but not as drastically are contact lenses, a product category that is down a relatively smaller 61 index points when comparing the week of April 6-12 with the week of March 9-15.

Additional Regional Breakouts of ECP  practice metrics and the latest consumer sentiments and purchase data are also included. 

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