To say that doctors are busy is an understatement. Between seeing patients, running a business, and also managing a life outside of work, their schedules can be hectic. For Rachael Wruble, however, a busy schedule is just par for the course. A native of Bad Axe, Mich., Wruble is co-owner of three practices in the Charlotte, NC area—one of which she runs with her husband whom she’s been married to for nine years. As if that wasn’t enough, Wruble and her husband share two toddlers—both under five. In-between all that she has managed to create a strong presence on social media with Dr.EyeGotThis, an Instagram page she rebranded from personal to professional in February this year. “Originally Instagram was for my personal enjoyment and ways to connect with my friends that lived in other areas of the country,” she explained. “Now it is still for personal enjoyment, but I am now connecting with other colleagues and impressive individuals around the country that I would not have met without Instagram.”

Dr.EyeGotThis came about as a way to show Wruble’s family and friends what her day-to-day looked like. They were aware of all the different hats she wore and were curious as to how she managed it all. Dr.EyeGotThis became the platform where she showed her time at work, time volunteering, as well as time alone with her husband and children. “My friends and family knew what my schedule was like with two kids, a husband, three offices, volunteering for local charities, serving on non-profit boards, and working with the North Carolina State Society,” she explained. “They would always ask me how I was able to get things done. It never really occurred to me that some people may feel overwhelmed, I would just do what needed to be done. I am very organized (my google calendar has seven different colors at the moment!). My youngest sister and husband suggested I tell my story, how I get things done, so I am giving it a shot.”

Dr.EyeGotThis is as colorful as Wruble’s life is. She lives her life in pastel and that translates onto the page. Whether she is in her office, at an industry-wide conference, or hanging with her kids, Wruble naturally gravitates towards blues, pinks and everything in between. “My wardrobe is very colorful. At a wedding someone once told me I looked like a neon highlighter and someone else said a yellow skittle,” Wruble exclaimed. “I take that as a compliment. I love the vibrant colors, being bright and bold. This is the real me—I’m a mom, wife, optometrist, business owner, and traveler. My world is always on the go and I love it that way.”

Dr.EyeGotThis is not just about pretty pictures, however. Most of her images are captioned with thought out topics that are applicable to everyone. From motherhood, to business partnership, creating balance as well as managing debt, Wruble uses her life experiences to offer words of advice to her over 4,000 followers. Though her initial target audience were fellow optometrists, her content has resonated with working moms in general, as well as students and new graduates. She said, “I also love to show moms my life is not perfect, but if you want your life to be ‘perfect’ you have to go and take it, no one is going to give it to you. I try and educate that no one should settle for anything less than they deserve.”

Wruble has seen the hard work she’s put into her page translate into her real life. Not only is she able to connect in-person with fellow ECPs when she attends industry-wide events such Vision Expo, Optometry’s Meeting and SECO International, but she has also noticed that being active online has also drawn new patients to her practices. “My IG page was of course not intended for that, but it’s definitely helped keep our schedule full,” Wruble told VMail Weekend. “I also have social media pages for each office that we keep updated three times per week and it has driven numerous patients to our office. We actually have not paid for any marketing or advertising since we opened any of the offices.”

In addition acquiring new patients, Dr.EyeGotThis has also been an beacon of inspiration for Wruble’s followers. She has shown what life looks like when you strike a working balance and hopes the message continues to resonate with her followers. “Your life is what you make it so if you have a dream go for it. It sounds cliché, but honestly until you dive in, there is no telling if you will succeed,” she concluded.