Covenant Surgical Announces Partnership with De La Peña Eye Clinic of Los Angeles


NASHVILLE, Tenn.—Covenant Surgical Partners here said it has formed a new partnership with Los Angeles-based De La Pena Eye Clinic, A Medical Group, one of the largest private eyecare practices in Southern California. De La Peña Eye Clinic offers a full spectrum of ophthalmologic, optometric and optical services, according to the announcement earlier this week. Whereas typical eyecare clinics only focus on one or two elements of eyecare, De La Peña Eye Clinic offers multiple services in its one facility, including ophthalmology, optometry, optical and surgical capabilities, among others, the announcement noted. Covenant is acquiring the majority ownership of De La Peña Eye Clinic through this partnership transaction, a spokeswoman told VMAIL.

The model allows patients to stay within the practice for additional referral or treatment, rather than seek care elsewhere.

De La Peña Eye Clinic consists of five clinics and one surgery center. The full practice is composed of nine ophthalmologists, seven optometrists and more than 100 employees. Covenant is a privately held physician services company that owns and operates a variety of health care facilities, including ambulatory surgery centers.

For Covenant, this partnership further strengthens the company’s national vision portfolio, bringing its total count to seven eye surgery centers and four practices with eight locations, the announcement noted. Because the partnership includes both the surgery center and clinics of De La Peña Eye Clinic, Covenant said the deal reflects its “integrated model for future growth, which is evolving to meet the changing needs of physicians.”

“We are delighted and honored to partner with founder Dr. William De La Peña, MD, and the talented staff at De La Peña Eye Clinic,” Covenant chief executive officer Lew Little said in the announcement. “We are impressed with its comprehensive model, innovative approach to the market and the genuine care with which De La Peña providers practice and serve patients. It is clear that our values align.”

Covenant was founded in 2008 with the strategic objective to become one of the foremost physician services companies in the U.S. by partnering with leading physicians, with an emphasis in the area of ophthalmology, according to the company.