Marcolin and Adidas Enter Eyewear Multi-Year Licensing Agreement for New Adidas Eyewear


Massimo Renon, CEO
of Marcolin Group.

LONGARONE, Italy—Marcolin Group has announced a new licensing agreement with sporting goods brand Adidas. The partnership will stretch until 2024, with Adidas eyewear hitting the markets beginning in 2020. Under the terms of the agreement, Marcolin Group will design, develop, manufacture, market and sell eyewear products under the Adidas Badge of Sport and Originals labels. Adidas’ Badge of Sport line is characterized by innovating manufacturing techniques, high-quality materials, and lightness. They are designed to have a comfortable fit and ultimate vision and lens protection.

Adidas’ The Originals line will be inspired by street culture and remain loyal to the Adidas Original Brand DNA, sharing its values of creativity and authenticity.

Massimo Renon, CEO of Marcolin Group, said, “Today’s sportwear embraces and influences the entire fashion and accessory industry and we are very excited to begin collaborating with a legendary brand as adidas. This partnership represents a further milestone in our strategic view. We are adding an iconic brand to our portfolio, complementing our presence in the eyewear sporting goods industry. This agreement marks once again Marcolin Group’s targeted company strategy: to join with modern, global and unique brands that leverage their innovative DNA. We feel privileged to work together with adidas and apply their philosophy in eyewear.”