Ocutrx Vision Technologies Receives Patent for Eye Tracking Technology


IRVINE, Calif.—Ocutrx Vision Technologies, an advanced research and development manufacturer of augmented reality (AR) glasses, announced it has received a second U.S. patent, which will protect the company’s unique eye tracking technology for patients with macular degeneration and other low vision conditions. Ocutrx said the issuance of the patent “cements the company’s place as a pioneer in both contact lens displays for AR and eye tracking technology for AR/XR applications.” “The new patent first covers using eye tracking as a part of the on-board Visual Field & Scotoma Edge Detection Self-Calibration mode,” Dr. Thomas A. Finley, MD, head of the Tulsa Retina Consultants and chairman of the Ocutrx medical advisory board, said in the announcement.

“This helps in fixing the analog eye defect alignment with the digital AR headset. The results of self-calibration are validated or invalidated based on verifying eye tracking and fixation, which is done concurrently while administering the eye tests.”

Also covered is eye tracking when displaying the Oculenz Computer Modified Image, which keeps the modified image aligned with the gaze of the patient, Finley said. The Oculenz patient user interface keeps the zoom, skew or other manipulation features aligned to improve visual acuity. Eye tracking permits a differential adjustment to account for the potential for differing defects in each eye.

Ocutrx founder and chief executive officer Michael Freeman said the patent teaches that “eye tracking can be used to judge the convergence and divergence of an image projected onto the lens to account for the epipolar geometry change in the field of vision (FOV),” which occurs when human eyes converge when looking at objects closely and diverge when looking far away in an effort to maintain single binocular vision.

In addition, the patent covers using contact lenses as an AR display in amalgamation with eye tracking sensors and algorithms. These claims include an AR/XR system comprising a database, a model controller coupled to the database using data acquired by means of real-world cameras, with the FOV modified by eye tracking input to establish a retinal map with the resulting AR display projected onto contact lenses alone or in combination with the AR glasses functions.

The issued patent is USPTO No. 10,111,583. Ocutrx owns a worldwide, exclusive license and development agreement on the technology from Raytrx, a company affiliate, the announcement noted. Hardware components in the patent include a wearable headset, reflective lenses, displays, processors, sensors and other input devices, including an AR eye tracking subsystem.

For more information about Ocutrx, the company’s patented eye tracking technology and the groundbreaking, redesigned Oculenz AR glasses, please visit http://bit.ly/ocu040219.