PolyActiva Appoints Tracy Valorie, Former B+L Executive, to its Board

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MELBOURNE, Australia—PolyActiva, a clinical-stage ophthalmology biopharmaceutical company, has appointed Tracy Valorie, a highly experienced ophthalmic industry expert, as a new member to its board of directors. Valorie is recognized in the industry for her success in building and leading high performing teams and for her ability to lead commercialization of innovative products in ophthalmology. She was previously senior vice president and general manager of the U.S. pharmaceutical and surgical business of Bausch + Lomb. Prior to joining B+L, Valorie was the commercial lead of ophthalmology at Pfizer in New York City.

Ms. Valorie’s extensive experience in both development of new products for the treatment of ophthalmic conditions and their ultimate commercialization will be a significant asset to the team” said PolyActiva’s CEO, Dr. Russell Tait. “She has joined PolyActiva just as we advance our first two assets into the clinic and seek to expand our strategic and technical capabilities.” PolyActiva is developing products that are designed to alleviate daily eye drop therapy for patients, including two implants.

“I am honored to join PolyActiva’s board as the company moves into this new phase of growth,” said Valorie. “The company's technology has unique capabilities that have the potential to serve patients across a variety of ophthalmic disorders. The implants provide sustained treatment that can be tailored for the indication.

The two programs in clinical development, one for glaucoma and one for prevention of infection, demonstrate the flexibility of the platform and give confidence in use of the technology for other disease categories. I look forward to working closely with the board and management to realize the full potential of this technology,” she said.

PolyActiva, based here, has secured venture capital funding from Brandon Capital’s Medical Research Commercialization Fund (MRCF) and Yuuwa Capital.