ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.—The Society of Vacuum Coaters (SVC) is offering a unique live tutorial focused on the art, science and practical know-how of producing modern ophthalmic coatings. “M-205: The Craftsmanship of Ophthalmic Coatings” is intended for technicians, floor shop managers and senior operators working in the ophthalmic industry dealing with the day to day traps of operating coating equipment, running processes, and the infrastructure that supports both, according to an announcement. The full-day course will be offered in conjunction with TechCon, SVC’s annual conference and exhibition in Long Beach, Calif., on Thursday, May 2, 2019.

The course will be taught by Georg Mayer, director, head of international Rx lab support, Rodenstock GmbH, Munich, Germany.

“Georg is that rare individual who has the depth and breadth to offer a truly brand/manufacturer agnostic program that imparts meaningful information and immediately useful skills to the student that is just not available today,” SVC director of education Scott Walton said in the announcement. “M-205 demonstrates the SVC commitment to developing practical, application-specific tutorials that can be offered inexpensively to a wide stakeholder base.” At the 2019 SVC TechCon, the SVC will be offering 32 courses that address all aspects of vacuum technology and the deposition of highly functional coatings.

Registration for M-205: The Craftsmanship of Ophthalmic Coatings can be made through the SVC’s 2019 TechCon registration portal, and group discounts are available. All students for the course are invited to attend the exhibition at no cost, as well as Mayer’s keynote presentation “The History of Modern Ophthalmic Coatings,” which will be presented on the morning of May 2 before the start of the tutorial.

The SVC is an international, non-profit organization with a mission “to be the global source for learning, applying, and advancing vacuum coating, surface engineering, and related technologies." Ophthalmics is one of a myriad of modern technology-based applications underpinned by the technologies developed and implemented by the SVC’s international family of scientists, engineers, and companies. Additional information is available from the SVC’s executive director, Frank Zimone at