Product: Eschenbach Optik of America’s new Asensys absorptive filters.
Top Line: The new Asensys filters are a line of contrast-enhancing eyewear designed to either fit over patients’ prescription glasses or be worn alone and provide all-round protection against the sun and unpleasant glare.
Close Up: This unique tinted eyewear is available in four colors including yellow, orange, dark orange and red, with cut-off transmissions of 450 nm, 511 nm, 527 nm and 550 nm. 
Vital Statistics: The Asensys lenses are distortion-free and made of lightweight CR-39 optical quality material. Each color is available in both polarized and non-polarized versions, giving the patient the option of having a polarized lens to protect the eyes during outdoor activities where the glare may be stronger. The eyewear comes in two frame sizes, XL small and XL large, each of which provides top shield coverage above the eyes and side shields on the temples to maximize the amount of protection from glare coming from different angles.