Frames Data Adds Features to My Frame Gallery’s Virtual Try-On


Product: My Frame Gallery’s Virtual Try-On
Top Line: Frames Data’s is launching a new version of the the Virtual Try-On feature in My Frame Gallery which is powered by FittingBox.
Close Up: Patients can still upload a photo, or choose a model to view frames on, just like before. But now they can also use their webcam/phone camera to see a "live" version that actually moves with them, providing a virtual reality experience that shows how frames might appear in real time, and also is fun to use.
Vital Stats: Here's a breakdown of what you'll see in the new interface:
• Browse for an existing image on your phone or computer and upload it to the Virtual Try-On player. The photo will stay in place for the remainder of the session, allowing you to quickly view and compare different frames on the same photo until it is cleared.
• Clear the photo to remove it from the player.
• Download a snapshot to your computer so you can share it with friends or save for later. This feature is available on desktop computers only (since mobile devices already offer this capability).
• Relaunch the face detection in the Virtual Try-On player.
• Choose from an expanded selection of model photos to view frames on.
Also new is My Frame Gallery's Custom Brand Order, which allows users to customize the order of the brands display in their Gallery.
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