Sixth Annual Great Glasses Play Day to Take Place May 6 to 7


PORTLAND, Ore.—The sixth annual Great Glasses Play Day — an event that aims to celebrate children and the advances that help them see better, while promoting awareness of the importance of early detection and treatment of vision issues—will be taking place nationwide May 6 to 7.

Founded by Kristin Ellsworth of Peeps Eyewear, Ann Zawistoski of Little Four Eyes, and Jessica Butler of Eye Power Kid’s Wear in 2012, GGPD will be taking place in eight cities this year—Madison, Wis.; Portland, Ore.; Charlotte, N.C.; Miami, Fla.; Providence, R.I.; Lees Summit, Mo.; Jackson, Mo.; and Blackfoot, Idaho.

In an effort to promote the event, GGPD co-founder Butler, along with Jessica Cutsinger appeared on KGW News’ “Portland Today,” segment to speak about the cities event, taking place May 6 at the OHSU Casey Eye Institute from 2 pm to 4 pm.

“Great Glasses Play Day is a day to celebrate kids who wear glasses, patches, contacts or have any visual impairment. It’s also a great day for parents to get together, talk and find support because a lot of the kids have had surgeries.”

Other participating institutes and ECPs include UW-Health Optical; Alberta Eye Care in Oregon; Advanced Eyewear in Idaho; Optiwow; Nicklaus Children's Hospital; and Clearvision Optical. Prevent Blindness will be helping with the book reading in Madison, using books from their Amazing Eyes Library program and Combat Blindness International will set up an information booth and speak to families about ways to advocate for early child vision health throughout the year. National sponsors of this year’s Great Glasses Play Day are Miraflex and Alternative Eyewear.

Watch the video below.