Husain Patanwala’s ‘Sight Humour’ is All About the Funnier Side of Optometry


Sight Humour is a carefully curated Instagram page that offers lighthearted, witty and surely relatable optometry-themed memes for anyone who deals with the eye. A brain child of Husain Patanwala, Sight Humour is only three months old, but has already managed to gain over 1,000 followers. Patanwala, who is a consulting optometrist at the Asian Eye Hospital and Laser Institute in Pune, India created the page with the hope of bringing some laughter and trivial material to an otherwise very serious and sometimes intense profession. “My friends always commented that I have a quirky and weird sense of humor and I would usually crack up in serious situations. It came quite easily to me that I should start a funny page about something I know so much about,” Patanwala explained.

Patanwala features images (in distinct yellow frames) of some of our well-known internet favorites—from social media classics such as, “Unimpressed Chloe” to more recent sensations such as the “Pop-Tart Kid,”—and adds a touch of optical humor. Sight Humour depicts various aspects of an optometrist or optometry student’s life; memes about stubborn patients, various ocular diseases, experiences of optometry students and the overall peaks and pitfalls of optometry are all featured on the page. “I try to mix popular memes and celebrity quotes with eyecare practice. Each post has a story to tell. I have so many places to get ideas from, be it Facebook or WhatsApp messages,” he stated. “The basic inspiration comes from the hardships people face in college and work life. I look at it from a different perspective and that brings out most of the ironic humor in my posts.”

For Patanwala, keeping the page updated has not been a challenge at all. He makes sure to create new posts every two or three days and he doesn’t find his demanding schedule as a practitioner as well as a visiting lecturer at the Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University) Medical College School Of Optometry (BVDUMC) to be a hinderance at all. His life as a practitioner only enhances content-creation and serves as a constant source of material. In fact, it was his ability to view his very serious profession with a sense of humor that led to the creation of Sight Humour.

“I would say my ability to see situations in a funny manner shows up in different posts. I guess I’m wired in that way and I enjoy it,” he told VMail Weekend. “Sometime last year I was training at an institute where people worked very seriously and in a dedicated fashion. Our senior consultants were very disciplined, they did not like jokes. This led to a series of pranks from the trainees just to irritate them and also inspired the concept for this page.”

Though he has kept himself completely off the page, Patanwala still finds that people don’t hesitate to send him love or feedback. “I don’t want to make the page about me. You go through a phase where viewers are curious about who is running this page. But I want the page to speak for itself. I want to create good content and entertain people. So, if anyone wants to know more about me they can visit my personal page too but until then, it’s just memes folks!”