Review of Optometry: A Case of Pediatric Prescribing

In our last installment of this column, we presented the evidence base and theoretical foundation for our approach to prescribing for young children. Now, we give an example to illustrate the points we have covered thus far to help you put them into practice. A three-year-old boy presented for his first eye exam. He doesn’t seem to enjoy the same detail-oriented activities his two older sisters had actively engaged in when they were his age, so his pediatrician suggested he come in for a complete visual exam. The patient’s visual acuities were 20/40 OD, OS and OU at distance and 20/50 OD, OS and OU at near with Lea symbols, as he didn’t know his letters yet. He was squirmy in the chair, and just getting him to hold the paddle over his eye was a challenge. We ended up using an opaque patch, which we held in place with one hand to keep his head pointed forward. We’re sure you’ve all had this type of kid in your chair! Read More