Women In Optometry: Age-Appropriate Screen Time Limitations for Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers


When a child reaches the toddler stage, things can get a little tricky when it comes to limiting screen time access. If you haven’t noticed yet, you’re about to learn that your digital device is one of a toddler’s favorite toys, if not her absolute favorite. As always, it’s important to stay in control as a parent. At this point, you can now start to pick and choose ways to introduce a toddler to the different functions of your digital device, but it’s best not to give her free reign. However, in this wonderful time of toddlerhood, parents still should limit baby’s access to tech-time. I’m sure you’re just waiting to dive right into the thousands of games and apps designed for toddlers, but do your best to exercise caution. Toddlers still need real-time experiences to vastly overshadow tech-time experiences. Find out more about screen time limitations in this feature from Women In Optometry by Dr. Maria Pribis. Read More.