Jobson Optical Group Invites Companies to Celebrate #EyecareHeroes

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NEW YORK—To thank eyecare professionals and employees of all optical companies—suppliers, laboratories, distributors, too—the Jobson Optical Group is sending a message of gratitude, recognizing that we could not get through these unprecedented times without our health care and frontline workers. Jobson is inviting companies in the market to thank all of those who have continued to provide essential eyecare during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the new program, Jobson is inviting companies to support, recognize and thank those people as a group, individual or team effort, starting this week. The #EyecareHeroes initiative will enable participating companies to join with the Jobson Optical Group, including Vision Monday and 20/20 to donate to Project C.U.R.E. a charitable organization that distributes medical supplies, such as PPE, to health care practitioners in the U.S. More details on the program are available from Dennis Murphy at Jobson,