Head-Turning Temples


Download a PDF of Head-Turning Temples.

WHO: For those who like surprises, those who want to add some spice to their eyewear, and those who enjoy subtle shakeups.

WHAT: Unsuspecting frames with bold, intriguing features on the temples that bring an added layer of attention to detail.

WEAR: (Top to Bottom) From Marchon’s Marni, style ME112S brings its design language full circle with a translucent circular charm on the top of the temples, echoing the lenses’ ultra-round shape. From Luxottica’s Oakley, Deadbolt adds a lightning-bolt shaped interruption to the temples of its otherwise sleek, matte construction, adding a sharp, eye-catching detail. From WestGroupe’s Fysh, style 3644 features a looping, interwoven temple construction, with a pop of glitter that carries back up to the frame front. Finally, Zyloware’s Sophia Loren collection, style 1564 shows off a drop temple with rhinestone detailing and ribbing, adding intrigue to the frames’ slightly geometric front.

WHY: Far from forgotten, adding unexpected details to temples allows wearers to have the best of both worlds: a serious, classic shape on the frame front, and something unique and brave on the side.