PLEASANTON, Calif.—EyeCare Prime announced that its LensFerry solution now integrates with electronic health record (EHR) systems utilized by eyecare practitioners.

The move is intended to simplify patient contact lens ordering and empower practices to retain more contact lens sales, according to CooperVision.

LensFerry allows wearers to order their prescribed contact lenses from anywhere at anytime, including text-to-order, subscriptions, an online practice portal, and other selling tools. The EHR integration enables contact lens prescription and ordering information to automatically sync between systems, streamlining the ordering process for both patients and practices.

“The new data sync functionality saves staff a significant amount of time, making LensFerry easier to use than ever before,” said Mark Lindsey, global general manager, EyeCare Prime. “LensFerry provides practices with automatic multi-channel selling capabilities so practices can drive lens sales even when their store isn’t open for business. Patients can order their contact lenses directly from their eyecare practice with just a few clicks—any time of day, any day of the week—and the lenses are delivered right to their homes.”

With LensFerry, patients can quickly and conveniently order replacement contact lenses from any major manufacturer, and the prescribing practice receives the sales revenue as if the lenses had been ordered in-office. Patients are able to purchase lenses 24/7 by texting “order” or visiting their doctor’s custom-branded portal. The integration between LensFerry and practice management systems enables the patient’s prescription information to automatically pre-populate, making the checkout process simpler than many other retailers. Patients can also receive intelligent reminders based on purchases at the time of their exam including a “Win Back” campaign targeting patients who leave the office without purchasing anything. Subscriptions are also available for patients who want to pay monthly for their lenses, and receive automatic deliveries directly to their homes.