Product: Visionix VX650
Top Line: Luneau Technology USA is introducing Visionix VX650, the first and only device that combines wavefront-based anterior segment analysis with retinal screening.
Close Up: With all the essential screening data at your fingertips, this multi-modal assessment platform identifies and detects early signs of visual and ocular pathologies. The highly automated VX650 retrieves precise screening data of both the anterior and posterior segment, offering accurate and reproducible data results in a single device. The VX650 also provides the tools for effective detection and management of keratoconus.
Vital Stats: Visionix recommends the VX650 for a private practice or multispecialty practice, a corporate retail optical, government clinic or university clinic. Together with Visionix’s Eye Refract system, an ECP can now perform a comprehensive ocular exam and refraction in just ten minutes.