ReVision Optometry
San Diego, Calif.
Digital Technology Snapshot: TOP (Touchless Optical Platform) by Topology

ReVision Optometry, the San Diego, California practice of Dr. Brian Chou, is one of the first practices in the U.S. to use TOP (Touchless Optical Platform), a proprietary app developed by Topology that enables opticians to precisely measure patients, either in-store or at home, to ensure an exact fit of their eyeglasses. Optician Cindi Geib described some of system’s key features, and what she and her patients like about it.

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Cindi Geib, ABOC, Optical Administrator
“We’re part of their test trial. I’ve probably been utilizing it now for maybe a month at most. But it’s something that I hope will end up being profitable and that we will sign on for good.

I think the technology is really interesting, and perfect for this time we’re living in. In this day and age with people being nervous about COVID, we have to clean and sanitize the glasses that people try on between every patient. But with Topology we can scan the patients remotely ahead of time, before they even come into the office.

The system is very easy to use. It literally prompts you. It tells you exactly where to look into the camera, and tells you whether to turn your head left or right. It’s just a few simple steps that anyone can do. I email patients a link or they can download the app and scan themselves wearing preselected frames. When they’re done with their scan they’ll email it directly to me. I can pull up the scan on the iPad, verify that it is a good scan and put in their PD and other measurements.

Some patients don’t even want to come into the store, so we could do a virtual appointment with them, which I have not done yet. But it would be very easy to just do a screen share, pull up their scan and show them remotely how they looked in these frames. We show people how they can customize the fit and I think people are pretty blown away with that. I think it’ll really help people shop online.

I’ve used other virtual try-on systems, and it’s always so weird. The frames are floating somewhere on your face and you can’t really tell how they look. With TOP, the frames really fit. You can show someone the side view by turning their face side to side.

Right now, the tiniest percentage of my frame inventory is actually in their database. Once we have all of the brands, and the actual inventory in there, I think it’s really going to help save time and definitely be more profitable.”