Hootsuite’s Resource Center Offers Guides and Special Reports About Social Media

NEW YORK—When most people think of Hootsuite, tasks like managing, tracking and scheduling digital and social media posts are usually top of mind. But did you know that Hootsuite has a very helpful Resource Center with many step-by-step guides and informative, easy to digest reports. Here is a brief rundown of some of their most popular resources, which are free and designed to help you succeed in social media.

Making Search and Social Ads Work Together: Search and social advertising play different—but complementary—roles throughout the buyer’s journey. To effectively reach customers and drive them through the purchasing funnel, digital marketers shouldn’t be thinking Google or Facebook; you should be thinking Google and Facebook. This guide describes some of the key ways you can use search and social advertising in tandem to accelerate customer interactions with your brand and drive conversions faster.

Employee Advocacy Program Guide: How to plan, launch and grow a successful employee advocacy program for your organization. In social media, someone advocating for your brand is very powerful. Advocates give their friends, families, and colleagues trusted advice that is more credible than traditional advertising. They defend a business against negative messaging, volunteer ideas for product and service improvements, and they do it all for free. While enterprises tend to reach out externally, the best advocates hide in plain sight—their own employees.

Brands to Beat on Social Media: Financial Services and Insurance: The rise of social media in the financial services and insurance industries has been well documented, not least in Hootsuite’s annual Social Trends report. From awareness to advocacy, social is now integral at every step of the customer journey—and when used effectively, can drive revenue, decrease costs, and mitigate risk. In this report, you’ll find the industry winners as measured by social dominance, along with examples of the types of content they use to succeed.