Independents Gear Up for the Back to School Season

NEW YORK—We may still be in the heat of summer, but there’s no doubt that the hustle and bustle of the back to school season is beginning to pick up pace. As parents and kids prepare to head back to the classroom, independent ECPs and brands are also preparing in their own way. For many kids, heading back to school for the year also means it’s time for their annual eye exam—and for a fun new pair of glasses to kick off the new school year. For ECPs, that means more appointments and brand new stock to celebrate the back to school season. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the ways independent brands and ECPs are already getting set up to head back to school.

The team at Constant Eye Care in Plano, Texas, put together a funky flyer to remind their patients about the all-important back to school eye exam.

Willow Park, Texas based Eyes Décor pulled out some fun children’s eyewear for a back to school Instagram post.

Wadas Eye Group took some children’s frames outside into their gorgeous Upstate New York setting for a back to school themed photo shoot.

The Ashleys Optical team shared an image of their littlest patients, who came in for an exam ahead of the new school year.