NEW YORK—There’s no denying that, for many people around the world, eyewear is as much of a fashion statement as it is a medical device. It’s great to see fashion and the general public embrace eyewear, and even expand on our traditional definitions of it, but we of course don’t want people to forget the important medical and health care purpose eyewear serves too. This can be especially true on social media platforms like Instagram, which are visual-heavy and can focus more on how things look than what they do.

Instagram and other social media sites drive and create trends in eyewear, but we can use these platforms to underscore the medical importance of eyewear, too. One way to do this is to use hashtags to make information easy to find, as well as to connect with other ECPs online. This week, we’re taking a look at the #MyopiaControl hashtag—one of the more popular hashtags for sharing information on myopia and eyewear. 

The team at For Your Eyes Only Eye Care in Cumming, Georgia, offers Orthokeratology, and uses the hashtag to share success stories from patients like Aaryan. Image via fyeoeyecare on Instagram.

In North York, Ontario, the team at See Rite Eye Clinic uses the hashtag to combine concerns about eye health with cosmetic and skin concerns to appeal to a wide range of patients. Image via seeriteeyeclinic on Instagram.

Socialeyes Eye Studio also uses the hashtag to share progress and success stories from their patients in Prosper, Texas. Image via socialeyesprosper on Instagram.

The team at Eyes4Kids in Miami headed to the #MyopiaControl hashtag to show how they make myopia management accessible and fun for their young patients. Image via eyes4kids on Instagram.

Getting ready for the back to school season, the team at Canon Street Optometrists in Timaru, New Zealand, used the hashtag to share important information about how to protect kids’ eyesight. Image via canonstreetoptometrists on Instagram.