NEW YORK—Each May, the Center for Disease Control’s Vision Health Initiative partners with the National Eye Institute (NEI) for Healthy Vision Month, a month dedicated to encouraging Americans to make vision a health priority and raise awareness around the necessity of regular vision care as a part of routine health care prevention and treatment. As part of Healthy Vision Month, the NEI has shared a variety of resources for patients and ECPs, all available online for free.

The Vision Council also supports Health Vision Month, encouraging member participation and creating a social media content calendar for the month of May that members can use for consumer-facing social media marketing, which includes messages around Healthy Vision Month. 

In addition to these large organizations, independent EPCs across the country are getting involved in Healthy Vision Month, taking to social media to share reminders, tips and advice with patients and followers. This week, we’re taking a look at how some indies are celebrating this important month. 

With Memorial Day weekend fast approaching, the team at Butler Eye Care in Butler, Pennsylvania, shared a post to remind patients how important UV protection is. Image via butlereyecare on Instagram

In New York City, the Metro Optics team is using Healthy Vision Month to educate patients about a variety of eye diseases. In this post, they share basic, helpful information about Glaucoma. Image via metrooptics on Instagram

El Dorado Hills Vision Center in El Dorado Hills, California, reminded patients to schedule their annual eye exam this Healthy Vision Month. Image via eldoradohillsvisioncenter on Instagram

Express Vision in Houston, Texas, encouraged patients to eat a balanced diet to help promote healthy vision. Image via expressvision20 on Instagram

In San Francisco, the Eye Carumba Optometry team shared some surprising eye facts and reminded patients to schedule their annual exam. Image via eyecarumbaoptometry on Instagram

Revere Optical in Canada shared a graphic that explains how and why a comprehensive eye exam is important for overall health. Image via revereoptical on Instagram