PHOENIX, Ariz.—Both the board of directors and the members of the Arizona Optometric Association voted unanimously to support stand-alone vision plans being allowed to directly participate in their state insurance exchanges.

“The Arizona Optometric Association supports stand-alone vision plans being able to participate directly in the insurance exchanges,” said Chris Parot, OD, board president, Arizona Optometric Association. “Stand-alone plans are an extremely important channel for patients to have access to their eye doctor, and these plans should not be excluded from providing this care directly.”

This follows similar resolutions already passed by the optometric associations of California, Hawaii and the District of Columbia. One state, Maryland, has already legislated the inclusion of stand-alone vision plans in its health insurance exchanges.

“I am very happy to see the AZOA stand in agreement with the California Optometric Association, Maryland Optometric Association, Hawaii Optometric Association and Optometric Society of the District of Columbia in support of stand-alone plans," said Julian Roberts, executive director of the National Association of Vision Care Plans/ National Association of Specialty Health Organizations. “Stand-alone vision plans are an integral part of the eyecare Americans currently receive from their optometrist and this must not be disrupted as we move into the future.”