VICTOR, N.Y.—A new company, Cognivue, is entering the vision care field, with a cognitive test for Alzheimers, dementia and baseline concussion testing. Cognivue Advanced is the first FDA-approved computerized test of cognitive function. The service supports new research on the connection between cognitive function and the onset of the diseases and the company is seeking to build awareness of the test and its services among optometrists,  who are also seeking ways to address new patient services and practice opportunities. Cognivue's execs point to recent research which supports the connection between cognitive decline and vision impairment. Cognivue identifies changes in cognitive function that could be indicative of an impairment that can be managedd. The CogniSystem utilizes a patented software algorithm that uses adaptive psychophysics which uniquely calibrates each individuals motor and visual abilities and continuously adapts to the individual’s performance providing a customized screening specifically for the them.

The American Optometric Association ( recently reported that researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found “an association between cognitive decline and vision impairment among older Americans.” The study, published in the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, “found that among adults 45 years and older, subjective cognitive decline (SCD)-related functional limitations were 3.5 times higher among adults with vision impairment than those without.” 

The AOA has joined other leading researchers to lay a groundwork for large-scale early detection and monitoring of [mild cognitive impairment] MCI and Alzheimer’s disease through retinal/ocular imaging. Michael Dueñas, OD, the AOA’s chief public health officer, who represented the AOA at the meeting, explaine, “Optometry is the most accessible eye care profession and that accessibility paired with technology and understanding of early cognitive decline is going to be essential in raising our patients’ health outcomes and preventing or slowing neurodegenerative disease.”

Thomas P. O'Neil, is president and CEO of Cognivue, joining the company in April, 2018. An experienced pharmaceutical and eye care exec, O'Neill oversaw Bausch's North American vision business and told VMAIL, "I saw first hand how our customers, the optometrists, were fighting every day to not only provide great patient care, but also differentiate themselves from the web based retailers.  I also saw how many optometrist were incorporating medical services, screenings, etc into their practices to bring great clinical value, further validate their vision correction recommendation and differentiate themselves." He noted, "Optometry can be a clear leader in driving early detection of cognitive decline and potentially showing its progression by emphasizing the recommended use of best visual correction. Cognivue allows them to deliver world-class patient care and service. It’s a logical extension to include cognitive decline screening as part of the overall testing protocol given its association with vision problems."

The system and the test will be showcased at the upcoming Vision Expo West meeting in Las Vegas.