SANTA CLARA, Calif.—Intel announced on Monday that it has developed a stylish smartglass called Vaunt that beams information onto the wearer’s retina. The news was first reported on the tech news network, The Verge, which posted a YouTube video that explains Vaunt’s features and benefits in detail. Vaunt is a prototype project from Intel’s new devices group. It looks much like conventional eyeglasses, with the electronic components concealed in a lightweight frame that weighs about 50 grams.

According to The Verge, Vaunt has a single function, which is to display simple, basic information in one of the wearer’s eyes. It features a heads-up display that uses a small, red monochrome projector known as a vixel (vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser) to shine an image onto one eye. A holographic mirror then bounces the image directly onto the retina. Because the device is low powered, it won’t harm the wearer, according to Intel.

Vaunt is designed to be unobtrusive to both the wearer and to anyone looking at them. Unlike Google Glass, it is not activated by gestures such as swiping. Wearers can only view the display by glancing downward. Vaunt requires a PD measurement so the display can be positioned for individual wearers.

Before launching Vaunt, Intel will release a version of the smartglasses to developers who will create applications for it. Details regarding distribution, frame style options and projected launch date were not available at press time.