Leo Mac Canna, CEO
of Ocuco.

MANCHESTER, Conn.— Ocuco, the global software company behind the Acuitas practice management system (PMS) and the Innovations lab management system, has acquired Vancouver-based EMRlogic, provider of the ODPro PMS and the activEHR electronic health records program. While Ocuco will honor all of EMRlogic’s software support contracts and critical ODPro bugs will be fixed, according to a company statement, development will be frozen and ODPro will be discontinued and replaced by Ocuco’s Acuitas PMS. Support will be provided on ODPro until two years after a like-for-like replacement has been released to market. Ocuco will also enhance activEHR for stage two meaningful use requirements, according to a company statement.

“We’re very excited to have acquired a great, U.S.-certified, EHR product,” said Leo Mac Canna, CEO of Ocuco. “But we are also very happy to have found such a great software team and an excellent customer base to complement our own. Since rolling out Acuitas in the U.S. to a group in Northern California last December we have been seeking to establish a major support base in the U.S. Pacific time zone and grow our team to better support the North American optical retail software market. We already have a strong presence in Canada with FYidoctors, and many Canadian independents have already chosen our Acuitas PMS software. “

EMRlogic had been under protection from its creditors for some months. A settlement has been reached, according to the statement, and the acquisition saves most of the jobs in the company and a future for the product. Ocuco already has an office located here developing and supporting the Innovations LMS under Robert Shanbaum, and the acquisition brings total Ocuco staff worldwide to 132 across eight countries, with over 7,200 optical sites in 35 countries using its software. “We are delighted to provide a safe home with Ocuco for our customers and staff who have invested so much with us over the past few years” said John McCormick, owner of EMRLogic.