NEW YORK—Smart Vision Labs, the makers of the SVOne smartphone-based autorefractor, is partnering with VOSH/International  (Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity), an organization that provides vision care to people in need. For every 10 SVOne devices it sells, Smart Vision Labs will donate one SVOne to a student chapter of VOSH (SVOSH).

The partnership combines Smart Vision Labs’ refraction technology with VOSH/International’s global reach. More than 10 VOSH chapters have purchased the SVOne autorefractor for mission trips to date, and the donation program will enable active student chapters to use the technology for their work. VOSH first field tested the SVOne during a 2014 mission trip to Haiti led by VOSH president David McPhillips, OD.

"Our VOSH chapter has used the SVOne with success on remote outreach eye missions in Haiti,” said McPhillips. “It performed extremely well in side by side comparisons with larger autorefractors and with traditional refraction methods. The instrument is portable, its battery lasts much longer than the typical autorefractor, and, most importantly, it’s accurate. It has been an important tool in our fight against preventable blindness."

“In my private practice, I have also found the SVOne to be great for providing nursing home care, as it can be used in any position and is perfect for patients in wheelchairs,” said McPhillips. “I can literally create a new exam lane anywhere and be more efficient and productive."

Smart Vision Labs co-founder and COO Marc Albanese accompanied Dr. McPhillips on the Haiti mission. “The VOSH mission is to bring vision to every person on the planet. This complements our mission of utilizing technology to improve access to vision care,” said Albanese. “Our newly announced partnership with VOSH will enable student optometrists to use the latest refraction technology for providing vision care for people globally and in their own communities.”

Smart Vision Labs plans to jumpstart the program by donating two SVOne units to SVOSH. VOSH International will pick the receiving SVOSH chapters at the 2015 VOSH/International annual meeting in New Orleans this October.

“Technology is changing at such a fast pace with smart phones, e-readers, and other handheld devices,” said Ellen L. Weiss, OD, president-elect, VOSH/International. “In the field of optometry, the appearance of SVOne adds to this excitement. I’ve had great experience testing this portable handheld autorefractor in the field and see great potential in the SVOne.”