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NEW YORK—Organizers of My Vision Show, a virtual event for eyecare professionals, announced a winter showcase called Springboard Summit that will run from December 4 to 6, 2020. Springboard Summit is the latest collaboration between Charlene Nichols, founder of My Vision Show, previously known as simply Vision Show, and Irina Yakubin, OD. Nichols has worked as a sales manager at OptiSource and Yakubin is a 2020 optometry graduate of InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico. After several successful showings under the Vision Show banner, the pair decided to revert to the event’s original name to avoid being confused with another, non-virtual, event with a similar name.

Yakubin told VMAIL that Springboard Summit is intended “to set the stage for the new year by providing vendors and attendees a single platform where they can discover new and innovative ways to work together as we embrace our new omnichannel era.”

Previous Vision Shows have drawn 57 different vendors, according to Yakubin. She said the upcoming show will feature prior favorites including Le Kevin, Ion Labs and Optical Near Me, plus new participants such as Coco Song, Dry Eye Doctor, and My Eye Care Team. The show will also feature an interprofessional summit consisting of optometrists, opticians and marketers. In addition, participants will be able to enjoy mini-courses and tools to help jump-start their own practices.

My Vision Show will award a Product of the Year to a new, innovative product that has been released, or patented in 2020 as well as a Most Valuable Participant Award to one chosen eyecare professional who is employed or owns an independent eyecare or optical practice and who has consistently been engaged in prior shows.

In addition to new educational opportunities and practice vendors, The Springboard Summit will also allow individuals to squeeze in a bit of fun personal shopping while learning about profitable operating models and setting their practice up for success in 2021.

My Vision Show will also include The Eyewear Artwalk, which Yakubin described as “our showcase of ‘art-centric, independent brands.’ It features an exclusive virtual product tour that is integrated with art from creative opticians.” While Eyewear Artwalk has had several live exhibits in 2020, they have returned to My Vision Show for a virtual exhibit to make the show more accessible to individuals who are unable to travel due to COVID-19 concerns.

The Eyewear Artwalk will separately produce its first physical event later this month.

Another component of the show, The Factory is “a showcase of The Independent Owner’s Network which is a collection of independently-owned wholesale labs and the brands they collaborate with,” Yakubin said.

Previously, admission to My Vision Show has been free for eyecare professionals throughout 2020, with premium features such as exclusive content offered for a small fee. Now the show will be unlocked in its entirety for a $10 fee, “Exhibitors that are interested in our March event can sign up now. We are already full for the December event and have limited availability for March,” Yakubin said.

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