Product: Forall Frameworks announces its new Texas production facility that is producing handcrafted American-made eyewear.
Top Line: The firm designs, creates and manufactures the frames from start to finish in Lubbock, Texas. The facility is committed to the highest-quality craftsmanship and utilizes modern technology coupled with traditional handcrafting. There are over 50 steps to produce a single frame and the Forall facility controls that process to ensure functionality, comfort and a product that lasts a lifetime, according to its recent announcement.
Close Up: “Forall Frameworks was born out of our dream to produce handcrafted American-made eyewear from acetate sheet to finished product at our facility in Texas,” said Rick Taylor, chief executive officer of Arbor Eyewear. “We are producing world-class eyewear utilizing the latest technology along with traditional craftsmanship. I have spent the past several years working on this project and training with some of the best manufacturers around the world.”
Vital Stats: Eyecare professionals are looking for independent brands that have excellent quality, reasonable price points and a compelling story, and that are not sold online, Taylor added. “We believe our three brands—Arbor Eyewear, Coda Optics and Forall Frameworks—are a great fit for the market.”
Forall sells exclusively through independent optometrists and opticians.