Download a PDF of Attention to Detail.

WHO: For those who always look a little closer, go the extra mile and take pride in sweating the small stuff.

WHAT: Detailed frames that make the little things just as important as the big picture.

WEAR: (Top to Bottom) From Bôhten Eyewear, the Aristotle shows that every angle matters, from the reclaimed walnut along its temples and nosepads to its thin brow bar. From Coco and Breezy, Spirit brings texture and contrast center stage, and shows off how a subtle change can make a huge difference. From Vuliwear, Vamp’s honeycomb pattern is inspired by the eyes of a square-headed wasp, a testament to how even the tiniest details can make the biggest statement. Finally, from Ethnicity Eyewear, the Malcom makes big impact with subtle texture and color contrast, underscoring just how important it is to look closely.

WHY: They say the devil is in the details, but, really, the detail is where design truly shines. These tiny decisions take a frame from “good enough” to “top notch,” and deserve their moment in the spotlight.

This month for Style.Pages, Vision Monday chose from a selection of Black owned and/or designed eyewear brands. VM encourages other Black owned or designed eyewear companies to provide product information and imagery to Gwendolyn Plummer, associate editor, at