NEW YORK—The rise in interest among independent ECPs in modernizing their interactions with patients have escalated in the past year. As part of its EssilorLuxottica360 programs, Luxottica has raised the bar on the types of such digital tools to enhance the patient experience.

Noted Fabrizio Uguzzoni, president, Luxottica Wholesale N.A., “For Luxottica, it’s not only about building great products; it’s about building great experiences for those products to live in, too. We have an opportunity to look beyond a pair of frames and deep into the patient journey to create an immersive 360 degree optical experience.

“Within the four walls of the practice, Luxottica can help doctors to create a high-touch, highly personalized, emotional and engaging experience for their patients. Happier, more engaged patients means a more successful practice,” Uguzzoni said.

Among the resources now available:

Promoboxx: A digital marketing platform that allows independents and key accounts to easily promote their favorite Luxottica brands with digital marketing content via social media email, and more. Customers create an account and have professionally made content at their fingertips at no cost to them.

Smart Shopper: This lets the company take patients on a product journey with endless aisles. An app that lives on your tablet, Smart Shopper conjures the full product assortment in a few clicks. Patients can use it to build a completely custom pair of Ray-Ban or Oakley frames. They can search by frame, shape, color, material, then lens type, and customize further with engraving. Smart Shopper also features Luxottica’s proprietary Virtual Try-On tool.

Digital Screens: Digital screens provided by Luxottica improve customer engagement and take the in-store environment to the next level with powerful brand storytelling. The content is remotely and automatically updated with the latest brand campaign images and video footage. Content is updated by the company in real time allowing us to shift content to reflect trends, holidays, etc.

Dashboard: This tool, developed especially for members of EssilorLuxottica360, gives independents a full picture view of their practice opportunities including frame and lens analytics.