Great Glasses Play Day Seeks Participants for Third Annual Initiative May 3 to 4, 2014


MADISON, Wis.—The Great Glasses Play Day, a volunteer event intended to celebrate and unite children who are glasses-wearers or are otherwise visually impaired, is calling on ECPs and the public to join in commemorating the third annual initiative Saturday, May 3 through Sunday, May 4, 2014. Many ECPs are already taking part, with events scheduled to take place in 29 cities throughout the U.S. and abroad, an increase of more than 20 locations since the launch of the initiative in 2012.

The Great Glasses Play Day, founded by Peeps Eyewear owner Kristin Ellsworth and Little Four Eyes blogger Ann Zawistoski, began in 2012 with the goal to connect and boost the self-esteem of young children who wear glasses, eye patches or have other vision corrections. The “Day” kicks off on May 3 but takes place in various locations throughout the week with series of events, or “meetups,” including families, friends and optical supporters of vision impaired children. Meetups are held in parks, public spaces and eyecare business locations and include games, prizes, arts and crafts and other activities organized by volunteers.

This year’s confirmed cities include Portland, Ore.; San Francisco, Long Beach and San Diego, Calif.; Dallas, Texas; Minneapolis, Minn.; Philadelphia, Pa.; Washington, D.C. and many other locations, with family participation expected to increase from the past two years, Ellsworth told VM. Last year, the campaign attracted hundreds of attendees to meetups across 17 cities, including 16 in the U.S. and one in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. In 2012, seven cities participated.

“Volunteer parent organizers are having fun connecting with local optical supporters who are spreading the word and celebrating in their stores,” said Ellsworth. “Organizations such as the Casey Eye Institute and stores such as Alberta Eye Care in Portland, Ore. are sponsoring carnival booths and giveaways at the family meetups.”

Additionally, said Ellsworth, the initiative was featured in a recent issue of Parents Magazine.

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