EnChroma Unveils Line of Optical Sunglasses for the Color Blind

By Andrew Karp: Group Editor, Lenses + Technology

 The right side of this split-screen view shows how EnChroma sunglasses increase the variation and purity of colors.
BERKELEY, Calif.—EnChroma, an optical technology company based here, is introducing a line of sunglasses for the enhancement of color vision. The sunglasses feature an optical coating that selectively filters wavelengths of light responsible for color confusion, resulting in an increase in the variation and purity of colors, according to EnChroma.

The Cx Series consists of three models. EnChroma Cx, a “Super Color Enhancing” (SCE) lens, is suitable for general use and is designed to enhance the vividness and intensity of color for individuals with normal color vision. EnChroma Cx-D is an SCE lens that is designed for use by individuals with deuteranomaly, assisting wearers with differentiating commonly confused colors. EnChroma Cx-PT is an SCE lens that is designed for use by individuals with protanomaly, assisting wearers with decreased red sensitivity commonly found with this deficiency.

The sunglasses, available in prescription and plano ANSI Z80.3 compliant sunglass lenses, come in a variety of styles for men and women, with a children’s-specific line to follow.