Hoya Launches No Frills Prescription Lab Service

By Andrew Karp: Group Editor, Lenses + Technology

 Clay Musslewhite
LEWISVILLE, Texas—Hoya Vision Care has launched a new business unit that offers customers an economical alternative to standard lab services and products. The web-based business, called Uncuts Direct, offers low prices on branded and private label lenses.

Although there is no mention of Hoya on Uncuts Direct’s web site, www.uncutsdirect.com, Hoya’s director of online optical, Clay Musslewhite, confirmed the company’s involvement. He said Hoya decided to take a no-frills approach to satisfy customers who asked for a more affordable prescription service.

“A lot of what customers pay for is the warranty and the bells whistles of the sales rep coming in,” Musslewhite said. “Our idea is to offer lab services in a simple, straightforward way. We have a much more slimmed down offering than what many labs offer. And our prices are lower than Hoya typically sells things for. This gives us more opportunities to touch more customers.”

Uncuts Direct offers Hoya lenses as well as other popular brands. Prescription orders are processed at various Hoya labs, Musslewhite noted.