Shamir’s Autograph III Uses ‘Ergonomic Design’ to Increase Comfort

By Andrew Karp: Group Editor, Lenses + Technology

 Autograph III addresses the individual visual issues of hyperopic and myopic patients.
VISTA, Calif.—Shamir Insight is rolling out its latest generation freeform lens, Autograph III, at Vision Expo.

“It’s been over five years since the release of our groundbreaking lens, Autograph II,” said Matt Lytle, vice president of marketing for Shamir. “Since that time, our scientists have turned lens designing upside down and have come out with what we believe is a revolution in lens design. Our new design software, called Eyepoint Technology III is responsible for what will create Shamir’s new generation of freeform lenses, starting with our newest design, Autograph III.”

Lytle described Autograph III as “a new balanced progressive lens that is holistically adapted to the patient and ensures a clear and comfortable visual experience for all.” He said the lens offers “real solutions to address the individual visual issues of hyperopic and myopic presbyopes,” noting that its ergonomic design concept minimizes postural discomfort and reduces undesirable head movements. The lens has a unique power profile providing clearer intermediate vision for handheld devices, and the lens provides four times greater design stability to frame tilt variations, in any chosen frame, Lytle added.