Spy Optic to Debut ‘Happy Lens’

By Andrew Karp: Group Editor, Lenses + Technology


Spy Optic offers its Happy Lens in polycarbonate for plano and standard plastic for prescription. 
CARLSBAD, Calif.—In February, Spy Optic will release the “Happy Lens,” a sunlens designed to “harmonize” with the body’s physiological preference for a specific bandwidth in the visible light spectrum (450nm to 500nm) where the “uplifting” effects of blue (i.e. happy) light are most prevalent, the company said.

Although many lenses block out a majority of this range of “good” rays, the Happy Lens allows in the long-wave blue light while blocking and filtering out “bad” rays, including 100 percent of UVA, B, C rays and more than 99 percent of the “bad” and glaring light, according to Spy Optic. The Happy Lens allows 15 percent visible light transmission with contrast enhancement, making it suitable for conditions ranging from bright sun to overcast settings; Trident Polarized with black mirror coating eliminates more than 99 percent of glare.

The Happy Lens is patent pending and is exclusive to Spy Optic, which offers a variety of frames styles. The company will also offer a prescription version as a frame and lens package and will service it through SpyDigitalRx.com.