VSP, Transitions Bring a Mobile Vision Clinic to Ohio Schools

By Andrew Karp: Group Editor, Lenses + Technology

VSP provider Dr. Gregory Hicks boards Eyenstein, a 40-foot Mobile Eye clinic, in Sandusky, Ohio.

VSP Global’s president and CEO Rob Lynch, (l) and Gerard Santinelli, president and CEO of Santinelli International, taking a close up look at VSP’s “SeeZar” mobile vision van.

A student in need of vision care is seen by fourth-year optometry student Bryce Brown who volunteered at the two-day vision clinic event in Sandusky, Ohio.

RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif.—Last month, VSP Vision Care and Transitions Optical bought their fully stocked 40-foot mobile vision clinic, complete with in-office finishing, to the Osborne and Mills Elementary Schools in Sandusky, Ohio, to provide free comprehensive eye exams and glasses to more than 20 children to ensure a clear start to their school year. Informally known as Eyenstein, the facility includes a state-of-the-art exam room, as well as a full dispensary, where the children selected from a variety of frames. Each pair of glasses was outfitted with Hoya Phoenix Transitions lenses, which help protect the children’s eyes by blocking 100 percent of harmful UV rays and reducing glare. Because Eyenstein has in-office finishing equipment, which was donated by Santinelli International, many of the lenses, which were donated by Hoya Vision Care, were finished on-site.

“Events like these where industry partners such as Transitions Optical, Hoya and Santinelli bring an added value to the children through their products make the charity work we do regularly, in partnership with our VSP doctors, even stronger,” stated Connie Vavricek, industry outreach director, VSP Vision Care.

Many of the children examined had never received an eye exam before. In fact, a nationwide study by VSP revealed that almost two-thirds of kids under the age of six have never had an eye exam by an eye doctor.

“Giving these children access to the most important exam of the school year was incredibly rewarding,” said Dr. Gregory Hicks, a Sandusky-based VSP optometrist and director of professional relations for Hoya who volunteered at the two-day event. “Being able to utilize the mobile clinic right here at the school, with all the equipment I need, and to know the children are receiving quality products to enhance their learning experience made for a simple and easy way to continue giving back to my community.”

“Through this outreach, Transitions Optical, VSP and Hoya hope to raise awareness among families in the Sandusky area about the importance of proper eyecare and eyewear, especially when it comes to children and their success both in and out of the classroom,” said Dan McLean, marketing manager, Transitions Optical.

Another VSP Vision Care mobile eye clinic, dubbed SeeZar, was unveiled at Vision Expo West. Designed as a technologically driven practice center, SeeZar is outfitted with a Santinelli International in-office finishing lab and an exam room equipped with diagnostic equipment from Marco. In addition, the van features lenses from VSP Optics Group, frame boards from Eye Designs, a frame brand showcase from Marchon, including Marchon3D and practice management software from Eyefinity.

Santinelli International president and CEO, Gerard Santinelli, commented, “It gives us a tremendous amount of pleasure to be part of another impressive VSP Mobile Clinic, which showcases quality products and services, and ‘gives back’ to communities across the country.”

Vision Expo West was the launch of the mobile showcase’s year-long road show, known as The Solution Showcase. The objective of the clinic is to provide doctors with a hands-on experience, in a real setting, of electronic integration of core practice functions that positively impact business efficiency and profitability. The clinic’s itinerary includes charitable outreach events with volunteer doctors onboard and on-site demonstrations of The Solution Showcase at state conventions and large society meetings.