National Optronics Debuts ‘X Series’

GERMANTOWN, Wis.—National Optronics is introducing its “X Series” finishing line. Based on the industry’s popular finishing series previously known as 7E HLP, 3B, and 4Ti, the new “X” series boasts a more compact, sleek and modern design.

“This line is well-respected throughout the industry and the new look—along with improved features and capabilities—further emphasizes its credibility and hallmark status,” said Kevin Paddy, product line director, finishing for National Optronics.

In addition to the already feature-rich predecessors, the “X” series now provides several new features, including advanced tracing algorithms on the 4Tx that further improve shape accuracy. The 3Bx has refined blocking optics for high power lenses as well as batch job processing for increased productivity. The 7Ex is now equipped with a new drilling and grooving technique that prevents unnecessary tool changes between processes. In addition, a new finishing tool produces a superior edge quality finish for both polished and non-polished lenses.

“We feel the improved aesthetics and capabilities will continue the product line’s success and longevity for many years to come,” said Paddy.