Precision San Diego Launches In-Office Growth Program


SAN DIEGO, Calif.—Precision San Diego, an independent lens lab located here, California, is launching “Professional Choice,” in-office growth program for eyecare practices.

“We’ve always felt that Precision has to do much more than just process lenses for our accounts,” said company president Mark Becker. “Our goal is to also provide methods and materials that help make the office more successful. In today’s competitive market, with so many lens designs and purchasing options available, we want to make sure the offices we work with can prescribe to their patients premium lens solutions easily and in a manner the consumer understands. Doing so allows patients to make choices, with professional guidance, assuring their satisfaction and optimum vision.”

Precision’s Professional Choice program is composed of a patient prescribing guide, an eight-page patient education booklet, an Rx folder to enhance patient retention and changeable counter easels to spur consumer interest in lens options.

The program uses focused training sessions and tracking methods to assure and measure success. Uniquely, all pieces are unbranded, allowing each office to personalize the program with the products they choose to offer. Another valuable facet of the program is the ability to accumulate reward dollars, which can be used in any way the office wishes, as long as it is aimed at practice growth.

“Today’s consumer is more discerning, and has more options than ever on where they can get their eyewear. This makes independent professionals work harder and smarter to earn patient loyalty. Educating patients is key,” said Becker.

Professionals who would like to learn more about the program can contact Precision at (866) 472-4436 or Appointments are limited to Southern California. ■